Enterprise Group Innovates new Software to Stay Ahead of the Pack.

The large equipment rental industry isn’t typically known for technological innovation, but Enterprise Group—the largest specialized equipment rental organization in Western Canada—has come up with a software that is set to completely revolutionize the industry. The company has developed a proprietary new tracking and reporting software called Star, that helps companies keep constant track of their assets, maximizes efficiencies, and is already showing serious monetary returns.

As the Canadian economy continues to gain strength—a trend that looks like it’s holding— development within the energy industry as well as specialized infrastructure and services are expected to increase. Enterprise Group’s move into technology is a smart one, and positions them to stay nimble and scalable as the industry changes. A lot of companies involved in the energy economy remain indentured to a stayed way of doing things, but Enterprise Group’s software development proves that they are committed to stay at the forefront of development.

The software the company has developed is a unique system that will change the way rental businesses operate. Star is a dispatch & asset tracking software that provides fleet managers with the ability to ensure the highest level of service to the client by  tracking and reporting utilized assets in the field in real time. With this software, asset managers will now be able to deliver maximum equipment performance at a substantially lower cost. Star is poised to revolutionize the efficiencies in this field and will likely become an industry standard.

Development: Star was developed from the recognition of a void in the industry that was causing significant headache to Enterprise Group’s management team. The group had been exhaustively searching for a software with the capabilities that Star now offers, and continued to come up empty handed. Considering that necessity is the mother of invention, it’s no surprise that they decided to develop the software in house, which gave Enterprise Group the focus and control they needed to develop something truly special. The resulting software makes it almost impossible to lose an asset for any length of time and maximizes efficiencies to such an extent that profitability is measurably increased.

Comprised of 18 unique components, Star works by exchanging information, results and asset information over a central database that is easy to navigate and user friendly. Being able to reliably track so many moving parts without the element of human error has already returned early results confirming improved metrics. Losing an asset can be a huge blow to a company, especially when the assets are valued in the millions. Star’s tracking utilizes the location and site ID that is then recorded directly onto the invoice. The system knows where the asset is at all times and fleet managers confirm the information upon delivery.

When there is an increase in efficiency to the foundation of any business, cost savings can be dramatic. Star is already proving this for Enterprise Group Inc. and could be applied to other sectors in the rental economy. Star proves that technology continues to be an important element in allowing companies stay relevant in a fast changing economy.

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