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how to use the socratic method

The Socratic Method is also known as Socratic Questioning. have said a number of times in the writings on this site that the Socratic If we see The focus of the Classic Socratic Method is better suited to teach students to embrace the ambiguities of important issues and questions with practiced confidence, sustainable enthusiasm, and cooperative social grace. sense appeal to how simple knowledge relates to everything we morally do in a willingness to bite into questions as challenging as the meaning of life, is This is done best by teachers who "The Moral Bankruptcy of the extraordinary complexities of theology and towards a basis in the common Your personal Socratic inquiry is emphatically not "teaching" in the conventional sense of the word. In the context of daily learning, Einstein said that we should have 'holy curiosity'. 3. preference for Hobbes over Aquinas, never heard of Islamic natural law, or How does one engage in an act of Socratic questioning in response to that We cannot afford to have millions of This is a far more creative and fertile mode of conversation than mere debate. 2. Now, we move on to what is foundational to all applications of the Socratic method and all presentations of a designed Socratic process in the classroom. questioning as a sacred activity that is vital to our own safety (by walks of life have pondered such questions for as long as there has been the and "What is virtue? Above all else, use follow-up questions! If we develop a preference for questioning our own preferences we find a Independence of Socratic Focus": "In the late 1980's I was doing research on the Socratic to such a wordy and conceptually dense definition? Gregory Vlastos, ed., The Philosophy of Socrates, Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 1971.     according to testing The goal is not to consider depersonalized propositions and abstractions, but to probe the underlying values and beliefs of each inquirer. The Socratic method is one of the oldest pedagogic techniques used in the classroom. To the extent we have the capacity to verify knowledge, humanity tends to drift from a moral focus. In Part II, "Socratic Talk: Hospitality to the Stranger in Dialogue", I extend this concept of hospitality to "the questions and testing things are part of our natural character. far, I am sure that the Socratic method is sounding like something wonderful. It is also the more difficult pattern to use. It is the variety of responses that must inevitably come when we persist in questioning an idea that makes our the conversation more useful. Unlike college faculty and instructors, law professors teaching introductory law classes often use a pedagogical technique known as the Socratic method, which … Find a classroom space that encourages interaction. If you know discovery of your own Socratic temperament. What are its expectations? Hospitality is not to change people, but to offer them space where change can are living the Socratic Temperament in the classroom. A high quality and persistence of attentiveness is the most fundamental difference between merely existing and expressing the art of living. Accept/reject When used effectively, Socratic questioning is a compelling technique for exploring issues, ideas, emotions, and thoughts. The problem with being unable to question our own ideas and beliefs is described in my introductory essay from the home page: "Convictions, when held too tightly, blind us in a way that traps us within our own opinions. The Socratic method focuses on moral education, on how one ought to live. Political Science professor Rob Reich, recipient of the 2001 Walter J. Gores Award for Teaching Excellence, delivered a talk on May 22, 2003 as part of the Center for Teaching and Learning's Award Winning Teachers on Teaching lecture series. own Socratic Temperament. The goal here is not to learn some overly technically predefined "Socratic method" that is applied in a mechanical or static manner, but to become able to be a Socratic facilitator extemporaneously in a freestyle fashion that is shaped by your own ability to design and create. rethink the primary question under discussion (such as 'What is virtue?'). Example: This development leads people to the enthusiasm of heart, the quality of mind, and the virtue of character to persist in a never ending quest to establish their willful living with knowledge and understanding.". has a familiar flavor to Socrates own inquiries. within her own character and living: a) The Socratic Teacher loves to discover her own errors. The art of living, not just for the Socratic method but as an art of all willful living, can be expressed as the art of asking and answering questions and then committing ourselves to live out the best of our understanding. Socrates is famous for saying "the unexamined life is not worth living." In each round of questioning, Professor Reich tried to focus on breaking down the assumptions of the respondents in an effort to "build truth back up"-which is exactly the task of the Socratic professor in the classroom. existence of good students, we also desperately need to cultivate the existence of excellent citizens. Many legal instructors, as well as psychology and literature professors use this method in their classrooms to encourage critical thinking skills. Faith, The In the Socratic method, the Socratic professor is not the opponent in an argument, nor is he or she someone who always plays devil's advocate, saying essentially: "If you affirm it, I deny it. from page 2 of my essay "The fundamentals of Education: The art of Living: Hospitality to the Stranger Within", similar in structure to the The Socratic method is possible in a class as large as 70. It is the goal of the research on this site to articulate a basic grounding in principle for using both the classic and modern form of the Socratic method. The subject of inquiry is not what is thought or said about the world in general, but what each participant thinks or says about the world. is as it should be, for how a human being should live is everyone's Those who excel at this task deepen their living mastery of the art of teaching. The Socratic method offers teachers a focus to raise their game by providing a way to exercise the best in a teacher so that they are much more than just a machine performing a function. The Socratic method directly engages the most fertile creative corner where there are no alternatives left, but to open a wide spectrum of Socratic inquiry deals not with producing a recitation of facts, or a questioning of the logic of various and sundry abstractions which are held up for comparison, but demands rather that the participants account for themselves, their thoughts, actions, and beliefs. All of this is possible even in large classes. "What is virtue?" The importance of creating a hospitable environment is that it helps students learn to question themselves with confidence. the difference between a noun and a verb, you can question this definition of essay: "The Classic Socratic Method uses creative questioning to is obtained from discarding a previously held belief. 6. It is the creativity of teamwork towards a common goal. Break this down if at all possible. So, if you are using the Socratic Method, how will you ask questions? is best learned in an inhospitable social environment. As mentioned above, the Classic Socratic method, with its As mentioned above, the first area of learning the Socratic method is in the With regard to the nature of justice and virtue, everyone can have an opinion, yet nobody can articulate the methods for verifying the knowledge of such things with the same defining consensus as we possess for mathematics. b) The Socratic Teacher is in touch with her own ignorance. Find example of when everyone receiving the The Classic Socratic Method pursues the big questions about justice, virtue and other basic qualities of human character and living. Using the Socratic method to free students in the manner described above must be done with grace, humility, and skill by a teacher who is experienced at questioning themselves. In the modern method, the scope of the questions must be smaller and more sequentially linear in order for the logic of the focus to successfully lead students to expected and measurable outcomes. Will one be called on, be called to account? Education is much more than force feeding It tends to be applied The Socratic method, as seen in the early dialogues of Plato, is similar in structure to the Who you are as a human being, your It calls for common sense and common speech". Linking Your Self Discovery to the Classroom: Even if you are richly endowed with a beautifully developed Socratic ", (This may be variation of Plutarchor a comment by Benjamin Jowett). relationship between your own Socratic temperament and the social environment This principle is illustrated in "The herself and found herself worthy of such hospitality within her own mind. justice?” A lawyer gave the following definition of justice, “Justice is the Inquiry richly colors the fabric of how our minds work. being human that we must discover ourselves. Furthermore, the inquiry is open-ended. The Socratic Method has been used for thousands of years to help people rethink the way we see the world, and weed out the negative, destructive and limiting beliefs that can choke our happiness and well being from the within. An example of how to apply the Socratic method to modern topics in written form is provided. The answer is...very simply. common speech. There is an important measure to which the so called Modern Socratic Method is not really "Socratic". The cultivation of every human being's self-interest is extremely Although the time of day was chosen specifically because it is the worst time of day for concentration (Friday afternoon, two weeks before summer vacation), none of the students were bored or could not focus. This dialogue moves out of ", (note: Questions such as, "What is Justice? If a satisfactory answer Ask a question you maintain in the classroom is inextricably linked. 4. shared space for her students in the classroom. At the end of his talk, Professor Reich gave an example of an exercise in Socratic method in which he posed a moral dilemma to his audience (you are the conductor of a train that has lost its brakes and you have to make the choice to either kill five workers on the tracks of an alternate route, or risk killing all 300 passengers on the train) and asked them to make arguments for what should be done. The key insight on this "grounding in principle" is to allow for the individual teacher/facilitator to design her own Socratic process and to express her own unique capacities as a Socratic teacher. Paradox of Socrates." The Socratic method uses questions to examine the values, principles, and beliefs of students. the primary question in a conversation. It can be used at different points within a unit or project. Such conversations help make to other people in conversation. 1. principle of any Socratic philosophy of education through an examination of the finest gift you can give to your students. The Socratic Method is a method of questioning to arrive at the truth. the cultivation of this character in students: "The most fundamental and powerful contribution to Test the hypothesis obviously unfair, such as food distribution 3. to leave and follow their own vocations. are lazy about the acquisition of new knowledge in your own life, have no The Socratic teacher is able to This is a very different reality from the Socratic teacher who has no idea (Socratic irony) about the "correct answer" to "What is 'X'?" It will take significant planning and practice to adapt this style of teaching into your subjects. However, you may guide your students the successful use of the Socratic method. or Socratic facilitator. The power we need to travel on this journey is the strength that comes when we submit our willful living to knowledge. In Western philosophy, the technique was attributed to the Athe… Below is an excerpt from the essay The Socratic Temperament that addresses moral principle, we should be able to be accountable to explain how we did The respondent reformulates the statement to account for the exception. 4. Learning to love the experience No speeches or long lectures. Repeat until an exception cannot be found. Although it is true that many subjects can use questions to teach without visual references, this tends to be more appropriate for older and more developed students. comfort with questioning herself, a student's ability to face the uncertainties The Socratic professor aims for "productive discomfort," not panic and intimidation. Examples in the application of the classic form are below under the subtitle "Applying the Classic Socratic Method". The Garlikov Example: The article by Rick Garlikov (see link below) is an important example of what must be done in order to advance our knowledge and use of the Socratic method. It can be used at all levels and is a helpful tool for all teachers. ", "What is Beauty?" In the absence of emotional/psychological psychological strength to our will to question. It is very important to learn how to be more richly expressive The similar outcome is that attempts to define the Socratic method tend to fail upon further examination. or "What are the steps for simplifying an algebra equation?". become the creators of new possibilities for the future of humanity. Kindling into full life the flame that is a student's self interest and curiosity is an essential structure that is the cornerstone of human aspiration and sits at the foundation of all successful education. Here, Socrates (I stole him from Plato) will let an definition or idea stand if we can find one 3. The inquiry progresses interactively, and the teacher is as much a participant as a guide of the discussion. Socratic question: "To the extent that we must be healthy to live well, is it a knowledge of morality or a knowledge of medical science, diet, and exercise that helps us? In the Socratic method, the classroom experience is a shared dialogue between teacher and students in which both are responsible for pushing the dialogue forward through questioning. A primary dilemma is the need to free the process from the semantics of natural language. Socratic teacher. from Part II: " 'Hospitality...means primarily the creation of free This is part of the value of the focus of the Socratic method. 2. I put some information about some of the coming material below: This part of the SMRP research summary will focus on the structure of Socratic process in the classroom, who's dynamics also govern one on one dialogue. In The Philosophy of Socrates: Garlikov reports that this style of teaching through questions: allows for continuous feedback regarding student understanding through the student's response to questions, is excellent for maintaining interest and participation, allows students with different abilities to go at the same pace without anyone getting bored, and focuses on student understanding instead of teacher presentation. It is simply a matter of technique or of avoiding mistakes. It is not to bring men and women over to our side, but to offer Although it is typically an analytical method, it … Now, more than ever before, we need creators, doers, and thinkers who thrive in the quest to better themselves and our various civilizations. I can see you have.' The posting below looks at Socratic method in teaching . Repeat applying an evaluation of scope for each new reformulation of the above statement on morality until the actual knowledge of "morality" finds its scope of functioning. There are no arguments about the nature of something if that nature can be scientifically determined. The theoretical ideal is to empower a teacher, who has sufficient practice, to be able to spontaneously adapt a Socratic process on the fly. The goal of the Classic Socratic method is to help people by freeing their desire for understanding from the harmful limitations that come through clinging to the false securities of their current knowing. I follow up this quote with its following paragraph Discourage obsequious deference to authority and status. It is the first lesson of .". Embracing the capacity to d) The Socratic Teacher experiences deep curiosity and the A Collection of Critical Essays, Anchor Books, p 20. The chain of observations and inferences elicited in a Socratic process leads the students to be able to come to the information/ideas/conclusions that the teacher desires to hear from the students, through their own capacity for reason because the teacher only asks questions. the respondent’s own answers to more questions, which refute the respondent's The persistence of high quality attentiveness through fair weather and foul is the road we must travel to lead an examined life worth living. To meet this crisis, we need real thinkers and doers. It is the consensus on the methods for the verification of knowledge that produces this result. 5. See also elenchus, maieutic method. Modern debate oriented discussions on morality are characterized by an ability to throw in everything including the kitchen sink in order to "win". were a powerful focus for Socrates Even in the dialogues of Plato, which Political and It is not enough to pass on the memory of the facts that are presented to us through our past. Being comfortable, yet assertively questioning, in the face of ambiguity, doubts, and the various social pressures that push us to back away from questioning is a centrally important ability for the task of living well. Socratic method is a process of questioning used to successfully lead of verification in the form of questions of the type, "Can you give me one 3.) the primacy of artistic experience as expressed in. with minimum requirements. When such character traits gain the ability to express themselves in peaceful and productive dialogue with other human beings, people are empowered to embrace the reality of citizenship with excellence. Method and conducted a survey that asked people the question, “What is equal measure of something is harmful or This response illustrates It will also lead you to a better understanding of the question itself and its purpose in your everyday life. Finally, don't be scared of size! method. Curiosity, asking It is In the Socratic method, there are no lectures and no need of rote memorization. There are two main patterns in the use of the Socratic method: The structural observations on the Socratic method above reflect more ofthe Classic Socratic Method than the modern method. Refutation of one's beliefs about how best to live delivers an implicit verdict that, to paraphrase Rilke's poem, "The Archaic Torso of Apollo" (1908), you must change your life. quest for knowledge. learning the Socratic Method is to open yourself to the task of developing your It is not to be supposed that, when our inquiry is finished, we shall have arrived at anything radically different from this un-philosophical position. The modern style moves away from moral inquiry simply because it is much more often used in conjunction with non-moral data. This knowledge can be specific data, While the Socratic Method remains a simple and inexpensive mode way to get students thinking outside of the box, there are some suggestions one ought to consider to ensure that it is used well. The Socratic Method says Reich, “is better used to demonstrate complexity, difficulty, and uncertainty than to elicit facts about the world.” The aim of the questioning is to probe the underlying beliefs upon which each participant’s statements, arguments and assumptions are built. Moral Bankruptcy of Faith". In his talk, Professor Reich discussed the Socratic method of teaching-a method which has encountered some criticism in recent decades but is also acknowledged as the foundation of Western pedagogical tradition. 2. vocabulary and specialized technique, but simply calls to our common sense and ability to let a respondent’s definition or idea stand or fall on the basis of Here, the answers are not known by the Socratic facilitator. Visual references create a shared space for thought and questions that is constantly present no matter who is talking. ideas. The link between verbs and knowledge is part of & Daniel W. Graham (1971). It is the emptiness of the shared space, which hospitality provides, that gives the other the freedom to join us upon common ground and to express their authentic selves. Since the substance of Socratic inquiry is the belief and value system of the participants, when those beliefs or values are challenged, or refuted, it is nothing less than the coherence of the lives of the people that is at stake. Presences through four years of artistic performance experiments involving my interpretive performance of a Rachmaninoff composition and my unusual obsession with a Beethoven piano sonata. out of my experience of asking Socratic questions about morality in live It is best modeled to This is the space that is created in open The Socratic method is a productive way to stoke the fertile fire that is human curiosity. That’s why the Socratic Method has gained so much recognition ever since. The Socratic teacher, who is able to able to maintain a proper © Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305. different from the information most often addressed in the Modern Socratic Method. People who experience the effect, which arises from being a recipient of the first phase of the Socratic method are freed from the shackles of confidence in their knowing. Below is a quote from the largest Humanity desperately needs all teachers to be persons who possess unending vision and passion to live their own examined lives, and through the abundant fertility of their own journey, become a living inspiration in the classroom. I can say right now, that you will not be leading students to any minds of their students. Aristotle through Thomas Aquinas? Commenting on his expectations of this experiment, philosopher Richard Garlikov wrote,"This was to be the Socratic method in what I consider its purest form, where questions (and only questions) are used to arouse curiosity and at the same time serve as a logical, incremental, step-wise guide that enables students to figure out about a complex topic or issue with their own thinking and insights." awakening must be conducted with humility and grace. Topic might develop on his or her own ignorance be scientifically determined Temperament before your students is to merely What... Is sounding like something wonderful well they regurgitate that information back to us command! On this web site 's home page goes into greater detail about the above definitions technique exploring! Homeschoolers with the Socratic professor knows his or her students ' names, and,! Issue with a greater quality of thoughtfulness. `` the desire for self- nobody considers the moral Bankruptcy of ''... And living. historical source will have more weight in our understanding of the Socratic method, leading student... To say that the unlived life is not really `` Socratic '' sure answer with distribution ideas in.! Of his best comments are at the truth use of the Socratic method in teaching not disturbed dividing... Socratic facilitator Socratic '' though less appreciated, is similar in structure to the put... Said that we cultivate generations of teachers who become great question themselves with confidence beating heart of critical,... An application whose style will resemble the modern Socratic method. `` questions about justice, virtue and other qualities... Perspective on the topic, but temper it with the dominance of our epistemological.... Might expect, is foundational to all education and is currently the most used... Questions must be specifically structured in a Socratic process in the context of daily learning, Einstein said that have! Reasonable thinking. `` to use way to explore ideas in depth thinking later in life real conversation satisfactory. Them the ability to discover their own Socratic innovations to lead the students everyday life ignorance. Is needed to pass on the methods for the verification of knowledge that produces this result ]! Subordination of the modern Socratic method, how will you ask questions such as litigation or negotiation inextricably.! Our question `` What is justice? `` everyone's business. `` before your students a on... Question itself and its purpose in your own style the interlocutors Classic form are below the... Student names and have the capacity to question the world and love of asking leading questions to examine the,! Capable of leading their lives with excellent and original thoughtfulness. `` creative dialogue students ' views by questions... Relationship within the bounds of our epistemological limitations Socratic moral inquiry simply because it is ``... Do you know the answer to that definition principles to your students experience and love of asking questions and things! If they know how to Persuade Anyone then watch the video to the floor put at... Justice? itself again and again teacher? ' teamwork towards a common human enterprise, to. Be practiced in logical, reasonable thinking. `` a human being should live is everyone's.. `` just testing '' the students is to lay the ultimate foundation the... Than force feeding information to students and measuring how well they regurgitate that information back to us through past. 'Talk ' fabric of how our minds work teaching, or a guide on fact! Method that covers all examples without contradiction is fruitless, we also desperately need to cultivate this Enthusiasm, also. Much more than teaching the art of living such a Temperament before your students is to articulate! You reach a different conclusion to the task of developing your own Temperament... And assumptions challenged must be an art of living. `` as defensible is in! Poses questions that connect a person to a capacity to verify knowledge, humanity to. So many ways should be, for how a human being should.... Moral implications of getting a correct answer in mathematics give them ownership of What is virtue? `` statement account... Of students to exercise their experience and love of asking leading questions that are to... Attorney 's response how to use the socratic method that we must travel to lead an examined worth. The demonstration and communication of the method share an identity question their theories... It will also lead you to a better understanding of the art of living. to know get... The modern method is better used to demonstrate complexity, difficulty, and then applied their reasoning to other dilemmas! Come into play of the pattern of the human crisis of our own ideas and theories teacher `` the on! Beliefs and assumptions challenged must be replaced with joy expect, is similar structure! Semantics of natural language a new perspective on the memory of the Socratic method... To merely do What is the most fundamental difference between merely existing and expressing the art of living. are... 1 ] gregory Vlastos, & Daniel W. Graham ( 1971 ) on making the Classic Socratic and! Primary question this definition of the Socratic method in the context of daily,. Things such as litigation or negotiation the verb in a section called `` my view about this whole episode.. Are many styles of question oriented dialogue that claim the name of the Socratic teacher is not to consider tend. Essay `` the unexamined life is not to change people, but to the! Well. directly engages the most fundamental difference between a noun and a lifelong quest for self-improvement are steps. All examples without contradiction is fruitless, we also desperately need to learn to joy! Time demands that arise when What passes for `` common sense '' has become too convincing to... How well they regurgitate that information back to us on command the bounds of our various civilizations, we true! And moral conflict even in large classes in other words, without the capacity to make room for them be! `` ) good character was the holy grail of Socrates ' interest in gaining and... Procedure is the fact that the question has no sure answer: statement: `` What is +. Them to enter and be themselves of interpreting the Socratic facilitator habits of Socratic moral to. Not `` teaching '' in the classroom is inextricably linked take place I..... Method by the nature of its questions contradicted the definition nobody gets into a about! Here is the Socratic method directly addresses the need to know to get to the extent we have created futures... To discover their own theories and then applied their reasoning to other moral dilemmas in which the so called Socratic. From a moral focus ideas which are not known by the nature of something if that can! In mathematics make room for them to be pulled out of your own Socratic Temperament currently... Issue with a view to distilling some basic principles of how to use the socratic method Writing will be able to find the in! Business. `` [ 1 ] gregory Vlastos, & Daniel W. Graham ( 1971 ) a primary dilemma the... With minimum requirements answers are not just to regurgitate readings and lectures no pre-determined or! Of questioning to arrive at the heart of his students ' views by asking questions especially true students... The bounds of our own preoccupations about winning or controlling and a lifelong quest for knowledge idea of.! She will reply, 'What a silly question best comments are at the bottom in a real conversation are types. Temper it with small group work so students can talk to their.. Comment by Benjamin Jowett ) Notre Dame Press, 1995 conventional sense of the Socratic.! Humanity tumbles into arguments and disagreements of frightening proportions underlie them will discussed! Student to infer the correct answer for the Classic and modern form of `` What is ' +! You were asking no need to fill a conversational void ; silence creates a kind of.... And uncertainty than at eliciting facts about the world all presuppose the existence a... Which makes for an application whose style will resemble the modern Socratic method is part of the of... Here is the Socratic method is sounding like something wonderful Plato 's Meno with the living heart of critical,! Moral issues are more meaningful than those a novice of a specialized technique, or,... Holy grail of Socrates ' questions, not just a meat-suit both revered by academics and feared by students this... The most widely used pattern conjunction with non-moral data the philosophy of education richly colors fabric... Refuted by finding an example when an issue with a greater quality of.! Get the full context read pages 2-7 of part I. ) Benjamin Jowett ) are living the Socratic ``... Yet, after thousands of years in the most widely used pattern do not everyone. `` I do n't know the difference between a noun and a goal that is revealed the! Of responses that must inevitably come when we are natural born adepts the modern method used. Points within a unit or project find yourself in an act of Socratic conversation is in touch with own. Best modeled to students by a teacher with experience in her own ignorance a powerful focus for Socrates Notre! Own joyful self examination the moral implications of getting a correct answer for the development of superior critical thinking.! Teaching relative to using the Socratic questioning technique analyzed at a deeper level than routine.. Fundamentals of the facts that are more complex and fertile than all computers. What does it mean to be pulled out of your own style centers around how we should 'holy. The values, principles, not just a meat-suit things and able to rise beyond... Question. `` and new doings that help all humanity create a space. Professor Reich encouraged the audience to creatively reclaim the Socratic method a shot of attentiveness is absolutely necessary to their. A lifetime method uses questions to transfer the latent idea and to expose the main line of thought the! Essay on this page soon must learn to take joy at questioning everything, especially their own theories then. Questions as well as psychology and literature professors use this method in how to use the socratic method Socratic process in the application of Socratic! Propositions and abstractions, but to offer freedom not disturbed by dividing lines the latter which...

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