Signature Devices, Inc. Announces Launch of Knoton on iOS and Android App Stores

Signature Devices, Inc. (OTC PINK: SDVI), and its subsidiary Innovo Technology, today announced the official release of its Internet of Things Knoton device on both the Google app play store and iTunes app store.

The Knoton is a next-generation Internet of Things device that utilizes inputs from a variety of motion sensors, ambient sensors, high-resolution cameras, and an always-connected modem. In conjunction with location GPS data and a next generation back-end AI cloud, the Knoton app and associated array of devices address the many needs in the connected device space which are currently lacking in the IoT marketplace.

“With the official release of the Knoton Apps, starting with our FREE apps now available on the iTunes and Google Play store, Signature Devices, Inc. is ready to work with investors and technology enthusiasts worldwide interested in utilizing the platform for their needs,” says Inas Azzam, CEO of SDVI.

One of the most important applications that the Knoton system provides is in the creation of the Knoton Emergency Notification System (ENS) which will be of enormous benefit in urgent situations especially in school settings.

“The latest headlines are filled almost daily with news of horrific incidents, such as shootings, at our schools and universities which is especially depressing considering these are our places of learning,” says Mr. Azzam. “Implementation of the Knoton ENS can potentially go a long way towards minimizing the effect and scope of the tragedies at our schools,” continues Mr. Azzam.

The Knoton will be able to add a layer of protection to any pre-existing school defense ecosystem by acting as an instant emergency alert system that will be able to activate a pre-alert scenario by simply pressing a button on any Knoton hardware strategically placed throughout the school locale.  The Knoton ENS will provide instant pre-set text alerts to all students, faculty, administrators and just as importantly notify parents and law enforcement of the emergency.

Further enhancements to the Knoton system will allow for instant E911 triggers to local law enforcement in addition to activating a loud audio signal within the school. SDVI’s refinement to the AI back end will in the future also allow for automatic activation of the Knoton ENS by utilizing algorithms that recognize say gunshot sounds.

“While the Knoton will be excellent in the school setting, it will certainly not be limited to that application. Our Knoton product line will touch on the most important and sensitive aspects of people’s daily lives,” says Mr. Ghassan Elkhatib, Director of IoT Hardware and Artificial Intelligence.

The Knoton technology will be applicable to a variety of situations such as with the following use cases:

  • Child safety and tracking. The Knoton can become the ultimate family bodyguard! With its built in L5 signal based GPS motion and ambient sensors, the Knoton can react to scenarios that protect, track and interact with the child.
  • Personal emergency and notification system. The Knoton provides the ultimate 24-7 personal security! The hardware device is easily carried or can also be installed on any iOS or Android mobile device for easy access. In case of emergency, a variety of alarms, messages, audio/video recordings, and a connection to 911 can be activated with a simple press of a button. In addition GPS location data and camera data (identified on Google map for immediate navigation), as defined by the user, can be transmitted creating the ultimate beacon!
  • Infant monitoring and prevention of flip induced sudden death syndrome. The Knoton is the ultimate infant life-saver! The technology allows for effective monitoring of infants at home. Images and video of the infant can be analyzed locally to generate the fastest response time in case the infant flips over on their face and is unable to breathe.
  • Facial recognition of registered perpetrators. The Knoton will be your child’s best friend! The Knoton can scan and view the surrounding of the user thereby identifying other faces. These scanned faces will be continuously sent back to the cloud based back end AI which can use algorithms to match the images to registered perpetrators and notify parents, guardians, or law enforcement based on predefined criteria.
  • Home automation (with the use of the included Wi-Fi connectivity). The Knoton can provide peace of mind at home! By utilizing the home’s wifi network the Knoton creates realistic physical switches that can perform automated tasks such as lighting control, shade control, scenario automation, etc. The user will in essence have a go to “physical switch” for automated tasks at home without relying on an embedded program within a mobile device or tablet.
  • Silent alarm applications. The Knoton is perfect for when you need to be discreet! The Knoton’s extreme connectivity flexibility enables enterprises, banks, retail places, homes, to have a silent alarm virtually anywhere needed; inside a drawer, under a desk, inside a walk-in fridge, etc.
  • Blockchain compatible. Designed for the future! The Knoton will be one of the first IoT blockchain devices that can verify and securely validate any transaction. This will be a first in the IoT cryptocurrency and cryptography on-the-go ecosystem.

The Knoton is available for free on the Android Google Play app store here:

The Knoton is also available for free for iOS devices and can be found here:

The full details of the product can be found on the company website here:

You can also follow the company on Twitter for small updates and announcements,

About Innovo

Based in Irvine, California, Innovo Technology combines the best of the technologies underpinning the popular Morpheus media server, Tazerwear’s AI Software, Truck IT’s beacon platform with Knoton’s hardware, infrastructure and software. The result is a company that blends custom software and powerful hardware IoT-interconnected devices. Learn more about Knoton by visiting:

About Signature Devices, Inc.

Based in Sheridan, Wyoming, Signature Devices, Inc. ( (OTC PINK: SDVI) is a holding company with subsidiaries that develop Internet of Things (IOT) products through its subsidiary Innovo Technologies, Inc., and publishes diverse media products including video games and mobile applications through its subsidiary Graffiti Entertainment, Inc.

About Nano 101

Based in Irvine, Ca Nano 101 is a CBD technology company focused on producing products to derived from Hemp plants.  They currently have a CBD and Hemp patch on the market at and Both products have 0% THC and are also available on Amazon.

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